Update: We’re in British Columbia, Canada

Posted on September 15th, 2010 in British Columbia,Carnival,Cruise by alex

Those of you who follow us on Twitter and Facebook may know this already, but let’s explain how this happened.

Our new best friends at Carnival Cruises picked us up in Seattle and took us to Alaska and the Yukon on the Carnival Spirit. Although Carnival picked us up in Seattle, they dropped us off in Vancouver. In the spirit of the alexandluke.com project we felt it an appropriate place to resume our journey on the road. And when we pulled into Vancouver yesterday, we were met by another special guest who will be occupying the third seat in Burt Reynolds for the next three days! Susan Sabine (aka Alex’s mom) will be riding in the now slightly famous third seat, and you can expect to see her in pictures and videos in the coming week!

Burt Reynolds was jealous that we got to spend an entire week on the Carnival Spirit, and after reading all of the comments on the website directing us to Vancouver Island, we felt it would smooth things over with Burt if we took a ferry ride to the island (we were right, he loved it and now there are no hard feelings about us abandoning him in a Seattle parking lot for a week). Alex, Luke, Susan, and Burt will be on Vancouver Island visiting Nanaimo, Tofino (a place many of you have been suggesting since the very beginning), and Victoria. Then on Friday Susan will be flying home to Toronto, and Alex, Luke, and Burt will be returning to mainland British Columbia where we will hopefully be quickly voted back to the United States.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Canada and we are thrilled to be back in the land of Tim Hortons and Swiss Chalet, but as of today we have 33 days left on our visa to visit: Wyoming, Nebraska, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, and the ever problematic Hawaii.

So that’s our update. We are staying in some absolutely beautiful places on Vancouver Island that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned to alexandluke.com this week for: a directional vote, some more Alaskan videos, and maybe even some big news!


Cruise Diary

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Cruise Diary

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Cruise Diary

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We’re Going to Alaska… on a Carnival Cruise!

Posted on September 2nd, 2010 in Alaska,Carnival,Cruise by luke

Burt Reynolds will be taking a seven-day vacation while we set sail on the Carnival Spirit, a vessel we have code-named ‘Burt Reynolds II’. We will be travelling from Seattle, Washington to these Alaskan destinations: Juneau, Glacier Bay, Skagway, and Ketchikan, before returning to port in Vancouver, Canada.

Over the past month we have become really worried that we will be unable to make it to Alaska on this trip. We set out with the goal of travelling through every province, state, and territory in Canada and the United States but based on the visa we were issued at the United States border, we only have until October 19th to visit every state, before we are expunged from the country. This poses a massive problem for us because we still have 11 States left to do: Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Alaska, Hawaii, and poor Vermont. This means that we would have to somehow drive 50+ hours to Alaska, explore, then drive 50+ hours back to the us border in order have a chance of achieving our goal within the allotted time. Given the amount of other States we still have left to visit, this investment in time would make it near impossible to drive through the areas of the continental US we have yet to visit. Throw in winter road conditions and it becomes even trickier.

But just this week, Carnival heard about our problem and offered us a solution. They have a very small amount of availability left on the Carnival Spirit and they offered us a cabin on the vessel! When we read the e-mail containing this offer we were such a mess of emotions that we were jumping on our beds, crying, and typing a thank you letter all at the same time!

We can’t possibly thank Carnival enough for helping the alexandluke.com project achieve our goal of visiting every province, state, and territory in Canada and the United States. A small gesture that you could do that would mean a lot to us is to also thank them on Twitter on our behalf! If you click here, a Tweet will be automatically generated to do so!.

We depart from Seattle on September 7th – that’s next Tuesday! If you have been to any of the Alaskan cities mentioned above and have any suggestions for us, leave them below. And if you have ever been on a Carnival cruise (maybe you have even voyaged on the Spirit before) let us know your favorite thing to do whilst on board. If you have never been on a cruise (like Luke), look forward to the content we will be making on the Spirit to help give you a sense of what life on a cruise is like!



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