Where are we?

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As the graphic states, we’re back in Toronto. We’ve got some updates for you in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

Chefs for a day! We made Moroccan Salmon Pasta with Argan Oil

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I insist that you watch this video, then head out and pick up all of the ingredients, including the precious and delicious Argan Oil from Morocco, and recreate the dish for yourself (and then invite us over). You WILL NOT regret it. This is the most marvellously fresh, interesting, and mouthwatering pasta dish we have ever had, and the best part? We made it ourselves (with some guidance from The BALSAMS Executive Chef Joshua Berry of course)!!! Delicious!

20 Black Hits – California Wins

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Directional Vote

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The Keys
The furthest south we will ever travel.
The only region we will be travelling to that recently tried to separate from the USA.
The only region we will be travelling to that will have the beach boys soundtracking it.

The Everglades
The most alligator infested area we will travel to.
The sub-tropical wetlands house pythons that eat alligators and alligators that eat pythons.
The footage of wildlife will be amazing (cypress, mangroves, animals)

The disney characters you know and love will be all around us.
The variety of theme parks will sure to make for some interesting video.
The song it’s a small world will be stuck in our heads for the next 10-15 days.

Vote now. In the top-left corner of the website or on Twitter using the hashtags below:




vote closes 12:00pm EDT on Tuesday June 29th

A Brand New Feature is Coming Soon!

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How soon? Check the site this Monday Evening! And then every Monday Evening after that!

In the mean time, check out these alexandluke food related articles that both came out this past Friday!

The first one was for the food blog North Shore Dish. You can read it here:

And the second is Alex’s fourth entry for Lemondrop, and its all about the most noteworthy food we have been eating on the trip so far! Check out the video here:


The long awaited New Hampshire footage is here!

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We loved New Hampshire. The best part? The people we met. This video is really condensed, so we thought we would list all the links to the inns, restaurants, venues, and places we went to so that you can check them out the next time you swing through (which should be soon because New Hampshire is wonderful, a definite alexandluke favourite):

The River House Restaurant, Portsmouth
The Music Hall, Portsmouth
The Port Inn, Portsmouth
The Wellington Room Restaurant, Portsmouth
Rumble Tumble Gym, Portsmouth
Fun Spot, Lakes Region
The Common Man Inn, Plymouth
Birch Bend Motolodge, White Mountains

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