The Order

We’ve been wanting to create this video since we ended our road-trip in December. This is the order in which we visited every State, Province, and Territory in Canada and the United States as controlled by YOU, the followers of

alex and luke.

PS: The First Band/Person to create a YouTube video of them covering the song used in this video gets an prize.

Monday Evening: Episode 19

Posted on September 6th, 2010 in Idaho,Monday Evening,Utah,Washington,YouTube by alex and luke

The World’s Largest Beagle

Posted on September 5th, 2010 in Idaho,YouTube by luke

We recently spent the night inside of the World’s Largest Beagle, Sweet Willy, atDog Bark Park in Idaho! As we most often do when we encounter large things, we ran around Sweet Willy and made a song.

You shall hear more about Dog Bark Park on Monday… in the evening!

Closest Vote Yet!!!

Posted on September 3rd, 2010 in Idaho,Utah,vote by alex and luke

Thank you to everyone who voted – its so good to see such passionate voters! This was one of the most exhilerating votes in the history of, and it had us on the edge of our seats all the way to the Utah border. Idaho – we really do regret that we didn’t have the opportunity to see more of you – but you have certainly left a very very good impression on us, and I suspect both of us will return one day. Utah – looks like we’ll be spending a little quality time together this weekend – hope you can handle it!


*There was some difficulty closing the vote properly at the Utah sign. If anyone is questioning the validity of the victory we have complete photo evidence of the vote being closed with Utah being victorious at the Utah border. What’s crazy is that in the short period of time from when we drove from the ‘Welcome to Utah’ sign to an area where we could update the website with the victory. Idaho received enough votes after the poll closing which would have made it victorious. It’s crazy to think that had we stopped at the Dairy Queen to get blizzards we would be driving back to Idaho right now. Instead? Off to Salt Lake City.

Should Utah walk the plank?

Posted on September 3rd, 2010 in Idaho,Utah,vote by alex and luke

As you know, we are heading back to Seattle to embark on a seven day cruise up to Alaska, thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines, which is a massive help because it gets us one step closer to accomplishing our ambitious goal. Our departure date is Tuesday, September 7th. Today is Friday, September 3rd. We are presently in Boise Idaho, as that is where the last vote and suggestions had sent us before we found out the news about Alaska. So, the big question that we pose to you is whether or not we should drive down to Salt Lake City before making the long trek to Seattle. Here are some facts to help you make up your mind:

  1. Utah has been put up for vote numerous times and has always lost, and maybe that’s a sign that it should stay that way.
  2. We have never been closer to Salt Lake City before, and never will be this close again.
  3. If you vote against us going to Salt Lake City, we will drive to just over the border of Utah so that we can tick it off the list, but we will not see or do anything there.
  4. If number 3 happens, Utah will never be put up for vote again.
  5. It is a heck of a long drive from Salt Lake City to Seattle, but if you vote us there, we will be making the trip early next week.
  6. If you don’t vote us to Salt Lake City, we will inevitably be spending more time in Idaho.
  7. More time in Idaho means more time to take suggestions that we might not be able to fit in if we book it for Utah (and more consumption of potatoes too).

Give this one a little thought – then vote for our fate below:
[poll id=”45″]


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Click here to encourage people on Twitter to make Utah walk the plank

The Winner Is…

Posted on August 31st, 2010 in Idaho by luke

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