The Order

We’ve been wanting to create this video since we ended our road-trip in December. This is the order in which we visited every State, Province, and Territory in Canada and the United States as controlled by YOU, the followers of

alex and luke.

PS: The First Band/Person to create a YouTube video of them covering the song used in this video gets an prize.

Directional Vote – Because West Ohiniarywareland isn’t a place…

Posted on May 11th, 2010 in Delaware,Maryland,Ohio,vote,West Virginia by luke

Make an informed vote, read about the regions we may visit soon:
A vote for Delaware will take us back into New Jersey and have us bear towards the state by water! We will make a quick pit-stop in Atlantic City to make pizza at a pizzeria we missed on our first time through before heading to the thoroughly suggested Cape May and taking the ferry to Lewes, Delaware! Once in Delaware we will need your help to find the best things to do in the State, as the only thing we know about Delaware is what Wayne’s World taught us.

A vote for Maryland will take us through Wilmington, Delaware where we will stop and eat lunch before continuing our drive towards Maryland. This may be the only time we spend in Delaware for all of, we will then head to Baltimore, Maryland and say our favourite lines from the TV show ‘The Wire’!

A vote for Ohio sends us the farthest West we have travelled since we started over 50 days ago. We will travel to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, before crossing the border into Ohio where we will go to either Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, or Cincinnati based on your votes and suggestions.

West Virginia
A vote for West Virginia sends us to the state we know the least about, a state which according to Google Analytics we have the fewest visitors from! If the vote sends us to West Virginia we will need your help to find people who lives in the WV to help us see the best things the state has to offer.

Now that you know what each option has in store for us, VOTE! On our website, or on Twitter using the hashtags below:





The polls close at 2:00pm EDT on Thursday May 13th, 2010

If you vote on Twitter you can win a prize from the region of which we are in when the vote is cast (a fun prize from Philadelphia is up for grabs on this vote)!

The winner from the last vote is @nursenomes who although cast a vote for a losing candidate, has emerged with a package of goodies from Atlantic City: An Atlantic City hat, a box of sweets made on the boardwalk, and a postcard of lucy the elephant! Thanks for voting @nursenomes!

Pennsylvania vs. Delaware vs. Maryland

Posted on May 8th, 2010 in Delaware,Maryland,Pennsylvania,vote by luke

When we first launched directional votes at we traveled East until we reached the most Eastern point of North America (Newfoundland). Ever since that day we have been voted South, will this next vote be the next step in us heading south until we hit the most Southern point in North America (Key West, Florida). Or, will the big cities and population of Pennsylvania break the trend and send us West for the first time in history! Do Delaware and Maryland stand a chance? Well, as always it’s up to you! Vote now!

On our website or on Twitter using the hashtags below:




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