The Order

We’ve been wanting to create this video since we ended our road-trip in December. This is the order in which we visited every State, Province, and Territory in Canada and the United States as controlled by YOU, the followers of

alex and luke.

PS: The First Band/Person to create a YouTube video of them covering the song used in this video gets an prize.

Misconsin Wins!

Posted on June 1st, 2010 in Michigan,vote,Wisconsin by alex

We are Michigan bound! And THEN we are off to Wisconsin. Please send us your suggestions about navigating these two states in the best way you know how! From where to go to the best places to sleep to where to eat – keep the suggestions coming (and remember, we are on a pretty tight budget). Then stay tuned to see how it all goes down!

Directional Vote

Posted on May 26th, 2010 in Indiana,Michigan,vote,Wisconsin by luke

If you are a diehard fan you know that this weekend we are doing the only non-community-planned stop of the road trip. Alex’s brother’s wedding is this weekend and we will be back in the Toronto area for the wedding before resuming our trip from the last region we travelled through: MICHIGAN

If you vote for #MISCONSIN we will be seeing the northern part of Michigan and entering Wisconsin from the North West.

If you vote for #MICHIANA we will be seeing the southern part of Michigan and entering Indiana from the North.

Because we spend such a small amount of time in each state, your vote will control what areas of the State(s) we are able to see! So vote carefully, maybe you are from Wisconsin but want us to enter from South East to see a museum. If Wisconsin wins today maybe we won’t be able to see the museum, if it wins in a month maybe we will! Vote carefully!

VOTE NOW! You can do so in the top right corner of our webpage. Or, on Twitter by using these hashtags:



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Thanks for voting,

This directional vote will be open for 5 nights before closing at 12:00pm EDT on Monday May 31st.