The Order

We’ve been wanting to create this video since we ended our road-trip in December. This is the order in which we visited every State, Province, and Territory in Canada and the United States as controlled by YOU, the followers of

alex and luke.

PS: The First Band/Person to create a YouTube video of them covering the song used in this video gets an prize.

The World’s Largest Lobster

Posted on April 12th, 2010 in New Brunswick by luke

Original music provided by:
Stuart MacPhee
Luke Vigeant
and Paul Brown

Posted on April 11th, 2010 in New Brunswick,Nova Scotia,YouTube by alex

The Maritime provinces are treating us so well. The people are kind and so generous, and our welcome has been so warm. On top of everything, the culinary delights that have come our way since arriving in the Maritimes have been exceptional. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about where and what to eat! It has been a huge help!

From fresh seafood at Shaw’s Landing near Peggy’s Cove (best lobster roll Alex has ever had), to local New Brunswick cheese, we have certainly not had a shortage of great food. We are not eating “gourmet” by any stretch (our road tripping budget doesn’t allow for that), but thats the great thing about our experience with food out here. It seems that even a slice of “meats” pizza at The Wheel in Antigonish is treated with such care that the bacon and pepperoni and sausage are all made in-house and the difference is noted and delicious!

Eating local food is always a great way to explore the tastes of your own community, promote the local economy, and even help the environment. We would love to have the chance to eat local food wherever we go, but unfortunately for two road trippers, it’s often too expensive and, sometimes, it’s just a matter of being too hard to find. But thanks to Taste of Nova Scotia and, we had the opportunity of tasting some local treats while we were here. Check out the videos to see what kinds of local food we tried, and how Alex’s long awaited first cheese in five months went down.

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Posted on April 10th, 2010 in favourites,New Brunswick,Suggestions,YouTube by alex and luke

Thanks to everyone who suggested that we visit Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. It has been one of our absolute favourite stops so far. If you have never been to Hopewell before, you must add it to your list of things to see. It is so incredible to see such a dramatic change in the tides and then be able to literally walk on the ocean floor and explore beautiful caverns that are so often under water. It wasn’t technically open when we arrived (a little early in the season for most attractions out here) but you are still able to access it by walking to it from the beach end. To be honest, we were glad it wasn’t high season – we enjoyed this natural wonder all to ourselves.

Also, we uploaded this video in HD, so make sure you watch it in that format to take in the full splendour of this beautiful place.

New Brunswick

Posted on April 9th, 2010 in favourites,New Brunswick,YouTube by alex and luke
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