The Order

We’ve been wanting to create this video since we ended our road-trip in December. This is the order in which we visited every State, Province, and Territory in Canada and the United States as controlled by YOU, the followers of

alex and luke.

PS: The First Band/Person to create a YouTube video of them covering the song used in this video gets an prize.

Monday Evening: Episode 18

Posted on August 30th, 2010 in Monday Evening,Oregon,Washington by alex and luke

Favourite Follower Friday

Posted on August 28th, 2010 in FFF,Oregon,Washington by alex and luke

because he is currently filling our third seat, because he has embraced the unpredictable spirit of life on the social media controlled road with open arms, because he brought new music for us to listen to and because he is the perfect pin-ball and arcade partner… our favourite follower this week is the one and only @harperdudevice from montreal canada!!!

Directional Vote – P.O.P in what city?

Posted on August 19th, 2010 in Idaho,Oregon,Twitter,Utah,vote,Washington by luke

Luke’s good friend, and Alex’s moderate friend Mike is coming to visit on Wednesday August 25th. Although his name is Mike, no one really calls him Mike and in the videos that we make while he is with us you will probably hear him referred to as Cher or P.O.P. pronounced: pee-oh-pee!

Riding the airplane is expensive, so we want to give P.O.P a heads up as to where to meet us, and that’s where you come in! We will be in Sacramento, California tomorrow and depending on where you vote us to we will start driving North, North East, or East!

The 4 city options are:

Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
Salt Lake City, Utah
Boise, Idaho

We have thoughtfully attached a map above so you can see the effects your vote will have.

If you vote for Portland, Oregon:
We will drive north up the California coast and spend a lot of time exploring Oregon before we pick Cher up at the airport on Wednesday and immediately start driving to the next destination you vote for. Portland is 580 miles away from Sacramento.
Click #Portland to let people know you vote for Portland on Twitter.

If you vote for Seattle, Washington:
We will also drive north up the California Coast, and do a very quick exploration of coastal Oregon on the way. We will attempt to arrive in Seattle on the day the P.O.P arrives and pick him up before exploring the city. Seattle is 753 miles away from Sacramento.
Click #Seattle to let people know you voted for Seattle on Twitter.

If you vote for Salt Lake City, Utah:
We will drive east and end up driving across the entire state of Nevada on our way to Salt Lake City. It will be a hot desert filled drive taking us back inland, and will push us the furthest away from the Ocean. Salt Lake City is 649 miles away from Sacramento.
Click #SaltLakeCity to let people know you voted for Salt Lake City on Twitter.

If you vote for Boise, Idaho:
We will either drive through Oregon or Nevada to Idaho depending on what the more popular option is. If voted to Idaho, the next directional vote will be quite the battle as Idaho borders 5 yet to be visited states (and, a Canadian province). Depending on the route we take to Boise it is between 500 and 700 miles away from Sacramento
Click #Boise to let people know you vote for Boise on Twitter.


[poll id=”42″]

VOTE CLOSES at 5:00pm Eastern Time on Friday August 20th!
or when a city receives 100 votes

If you want to see how the P.O.P is voting, and vote accordingly you can see this information on his Twitter stream by clicking here.

Directional Vote – With A Vegas Twist

Posted on August 13th, 2010 in California,Idaho,Oregon,Utah,vote by alex and luke

This time around we need your votes to help us place our bets.  Thats right – our bets. This directional vote will include a little gambling (we are in Vegas after all).  Nothing illegal – we just thought we’d throw a game of roulette into the mix.  So here’s how its gonna go down:

There are four states bordering Nevada: Utah, Idaho, Oregon and California.  Some are easier to get to from Las Vegas then others, but they are all being given a shot at winning this vote.  We need you to vote for the state you want us to go to next by participating in the poll below.  At 4:00pm EST the poll will close and we will head down to the nearest casino where we will find ourselves a roulette table.

We will be placing four bets.  One on black, one on red, one on 0 and one on 00.  The state with the most votes will represent our bet on black.  The state with the second most votes will represent our bet on red.  The state with the third most votes will represent our bet on 0.  And the state with the least votes will represent our bet on 00.

Voting is Now Closed

The roulette dispersion is as follows

California – Black – $10 bet
Utah – Red -$5 bet
Oregon – Number 0 – $3 bet
Idaho – Number 00 – $2 bet

Update in the next hour informing you of the outcome!

Let people know how you voted on Twitter by clicking the hashtags below: