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Posted on February 4th, 2010 in by alex and luke

Chapter One:

In September of 2009, after a few unexpected life turns, we started planning our first project. Restless with our current positions in our respective lives, we set out to see what would happen if we used the power of social media to enable an exploration of North America.

Without a route or any preconceived idea of what we would see and do, we called on the communities behind the most popular social media websites to act as our compass (pointing us where to go) and our guidebook (telling us what to see).

Equipped with a small car and a trunk load of equipment, our goal was to travel through every state, province and territory while documenting and sharing the experience through web videos and other internet content available at our website, alexandluke.com. This fun little video explains all the ins and outs of our first project:


Chapter Two:

Nine months and many kilometers later, we completed our goal (with the exception of Hawaii) and before we could ask ourselves “what’s next” we had an invitation to spend the entire winter of 2011 in one of our favourite states – New Hampshire – and live as guests at a historical grand resort – The BALSAMS in Dixville Notch. We of course said “YES!” and spent two months in a complete winter wonderland. Here is our initial launch video from the start of that project:


Chapter Three:

Chapter Three…The Yellowknife Project, brought to you by The Northern Frontier Visitors Association!!!! Here is a video to explain:


Chapter Four:

It’s about time we took our adventures overseas! With chapter four we are doing just that!  On May 1st 2011, Carnival Cruise Lines is launching a brand new ship called the Carnival Magic, and WE will be on it! We set sail out of Venice and travel to Dubrovnik, Messina, Naples, Rome, Livorno, Monaco, and Barcelona! True to alexandluke form, we will be exploring these European cities by taking our follower’s suggestions through Facebook, Twitter, and comments on the blog. Check out our latest project launch video to get up to speed!


Contact us at alexandlukedotcom@gmail.com

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