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Statistics for Chapter Two: alexandluke at The BALSAMS!

# of times we have been alpine skiing 2
# of times we have been nordic skiing 3 4
# of times we have been snowboarding 4 11
# of times we have been snowshoeing 3 4
# of times we have been dog sledding
# of times we have been snowmobiling
# of times we have been skating 5 3.5
# of moose spotted 1 1
# of times we hiked to table rock 2 2
# of times we have gone geocaching 4 4
# of courses consumed 164 178
# of cups of coffee consumed 45 68
# of cups of tea consumed 31 13
# of hot chocolates consumed 6 5
# of times we cooked with Chef 2 2
# of times we put Beef Wellington in our face 3 8
# of times we played billiards 45 70
# of games of billiards won 16 47
# of board games played 2 2
# of board games won 1
# of times playing ping pong (mostly rallying) 8 8
highest # of rallies achieved in ping pong 336 336
# of times we have done laundry! 4 4

Statistics for Chapter One: The alexandluke Social Media Road Trip

Burgers Consumed 28 29
Fights 6 6
Scrabble Wins 2 3
Nights in People’s Homes 79 79
Nights in Hotel/Motel/Hostel 156 156
Nights in a Yurt/Cabin/Tent/Wigwam 11 11
Nights in the Car 0 0
Horses Ridden 1 1
Chairlifts Ridden 1 1
Regions Visited 61 61
Provinces/Territories Visited 13 (every one done!) 13 (every one done!)
States Visited 48 48
Gas Stops 125 125
Flat Tires 1 1
Nights in  Boat 8 8
Boats Embarked 16 16
Nights in Haunted Lodgings 6 6
Favourite Province/Territory So Far Newfoundland, Northwest Territories Newfoundland, Northwest Territories
Favourite 3 States So Far New Hampshire, Oregon, Idaho Colorado, Alaska, New Mexico
Number of Overnight Guests in Burt Reynolds 6 6
Favourite Canadian Cities/Towns So Far Montreal QC, Cow Head NL, Tofino BC, Yellowknife NT Stonecliffe ON, Montreal QC, Tofino BC, Yellowknife NT
Favourite American Cities/Towns So Far San Francisco CA, Portland OR, Asheville NC Key West FL, Portsmouth NH, New Orleans LA
Favourite Meal So Far Home cooked feast in PEI, The Wellington Room Portsmouth NH Founding Farmers in DC, La Posta De La Mesilla in Los Cruces NM
Favourite Hotel/Motel/B&B So Far DesBarres Manor Inn Nova Scotia, Inn at Biltmore North Carolina, The Jupiter Portland Oregon Mondrian Miami, Teton Springs Lodge Idaho, Pacific Sands Resort Tofino British Columbia
Favourite Campground So Far Trap Pond, DE Trap Pond, DE
Favourite Natural Attractions So Far Gros Morne National Park, NL, Grand Canyon AZ, Hopewell Rocks NB, Glacier Bay AK Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO, Grand Canyon AZ, Hopewell Rocks NB, Glacier Bay AK
Favourite Towns You Have Never Heard Of Fayetteville WV, Lyons CO Lawrence KS, Arroyo Secco NM

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